The Important Role Content Marketers Play in Business Success in Today’s Internet Age

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With a market of 5 billion internet users, businesses far and wide are trying to tap into social media to sell their products and services online. Consequently, there is an expected 10 percent job growth in advertising in the US. This shows the growing interest from businesses to expand their reach through this new frontier.

This is where a content marketer comes in. We’ll talk about one of these sought-after positions by tackling the question, “What is a content marketer?” We’ve also detailed what role they play in ensuring profitability of businesses, and how to find one to help you grow yours.

What is a Content Marketer?

A content marketer is someone who plans and makes engaging content for their clients. This can span from videos to social media posts. In addition, content marketers are also responsible for managing all existing and future contents that will help them adjust their marketing plans accordingly.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, some of a content marketer’s responsibilities include:

  • Researching trends in the company’s field of expertise
  • Create various kinds of posts in line with the target audience and trends
  • Repurposing content for other platforms
  • Learning which social media platforms the target audience uses
  • Creating and executing a plan to promote brand awareness
  • Developing and managing a content marketing editorial schedule
  • Utilizing a content automation strategy for all published posts

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Why is a Content Marketer Important?

After learning what a content marketer is, why should your business have one? There are a lot of benefits associated with working with a content marketer.

  • First, content marketers can help increase interest around your product or service. Their game plan is to create media that its viewers can feel interested in them. Your company can establish rapport with your customers as you interact through the media they created.
  • Second, they can help you transition from your traditional marketing strategy to an online one. Doing this will help maintain or increase interest towards your company. At the same time, you can save on resources, time, and energy.
  • Third, businesses working with content marketers can get better customers for their business. Their goal is to include two types of customers: brand-loyal ones and returning ones.
  • Finally, content marketers creating content for a business can turn their content into a way for the business to make a profit.

Examples of Content Marketers in Action

Let’s look at a few examples. These will show what is a content marketer is and what they can do for you and your business.


When it comes to beauty brands, Byleth is one at the top. Unlike others who provide products to their customers, Byleth focuses on providing informative articles. With the benefit of their parent company Dotdash giving them a slice of their $100 million, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr built it to become the great website known today. This is on top of earning their keep through affiliate marketing.

General Electric (GE)

Touching industries—from aviation to healthcare—for more than 125 years, GE has had a hand in providing innovation towards every business they partner with. But how were they able to navigate the social media space to promote their services?

One glimpse of the company’s Instagram account gives an idea how their content marketers strategize. With a campaign to showcase their ever-increasing portfolio through the hashtag #GEInstaWalk, GE’s goal was to show the app’s 1.21 billion users a tour of their production facilities.

Burger King

As one of the leading fast-food chains internationally, they have to keep up with their competition for keeping their customers. Semrush highlights one of their marketing campaigns that happened at 2021’s Video Music Awards (VMAs). They held a sweepstakes where they promoted it by letting their mascot perform with rapper Lil Yachty.

What’s different about these promotions was that Burger King made use of the VMA Augmented Reality (AR) experience to perform Lil Yachty’s “Top Down.” Their goal was to invite people to download the app without forcing it down the VMA viewers’ throats and it worked!


From its origins in 2017, the music app has this yearly campaign to show to its users, reminding them of what they listened to throughout the year. It’s not just a boring long list of numbers and text; instead, the campaign is presented infographic-style with visually pleasing graphics.

This proved successful as Spotify increased their user base by 21% during December 2020. It is because of their user base sharing segments of their Spotify Wrapped infographics on social media, which gets people interested in using the app. In doing so, Spotify hit two birds with one stone: Engage with their primary audience, and invite other people to use their app.

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The General Insurance Company

Looking toward video commercials, The General Insurance Company did a great marketing stint that made their viewers laugh and make them more memorable. As a recap, their ads involved a crude CGI man and an annoying jingle in the past. For this recent advertisement, they poked fun at how they used to brand themselves.

In their recent campaign, they replaced the CGI with notable celebrities to act out a hilarious skit where Craig Robinson finds Shaquille O’Neal in the forest. Robinson feels guilty that he thought O’Neal was crazy for still being with The General. Here, he feels a change of heart and says that The General “provides insurance for over 60 years.” Through this, they showed their viewers that they are here to stay, completed with a modern look that keeps abreast of the times.

Tips in Finding a Content Marketer

After learning what a content marketer is and some successful marketing campaigns, how can we look for one that can help us and our business needs? Here are a few tips:

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1. Look for someone who can tell your business’ story.

Content marketers require a level of creativity where they have to tell their audience important information while keeping them engaged. It is possible for customers to know and trust your brand through stories.

2. Be knowledgeable on data.

Marketing campaigns generate a lot of data from the customer to the company. Content marketers should be able to handle and interpret this data. With their help, companies can still stay on customer trends while being able to have enough information for future product campaigns.

3. Work with multiple departments.

Even if they’re managing promotions for your company’s products and services, content marketers should be able to talk to your other departments. These include product developers and sales managers. Once they can establish rapport with them, they can have a clearer vision of your company’s story and include that in your future campaigns.

4. Be as flexible as possible.

We live in an ever-changing world. The number of customers you can get this year may be different from the number of customers you can get next year. Content marketers should be able to adapt to trends. A good content marketer can do a content automation strategy to increase flexibility. AI Automation defines this as using tools throughout the content creation lifecycle to keep it updated regularly. It can come from proofreading written content to recommending topics for campaigns.

5. Manages multiple media.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned several examples of marketing campaigns that ranged from photos to AR. Companies who want to stand out would need reliable marketers who can make use of any type of media to send their intended message to their audience. However, it is necessary to be knowledgeable in creating campaigns through blogs, emails, video, social media posts, e-books, and whitepapers, among others. If you’re interested in gated or non-gated content, choose someone who can navigate around them for your needs.

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We can see that there is a trend to move toward internet marketing as of recent years. This includes converting blog posts for affiliate marketing to create eye-catching year-end infographics for social media. We also talked about what is a content marketer, what it takes to be one, and other noteworthy marketing campaigns.

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