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Essential support for small-to-medium scale businesses.



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Pro-managed and optimized support for high-end and complex needs.



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Premium support and monitoring to large-scale businesses.
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Features Included

Website Backups  Provide a way to restore or recover the website and its contents in the event of errors or attack from hackers.
Security Scans Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the website to protect and maintain security from cyberattacks.
Website Care Report Obtain a detailed analysis of the website’s health, performance, speed, security, functionality, and SEO.
Minor Website Edits Get quick updates on pages or contents to ensure the website is up-to-date, relevant, and meets the needs of users.
8 hours
18 hours
24 hours
Uploading of New Products in eCommerce Improve your eCommerce sales and attract potential customers by uploading new products to your website.
Up to 20 products
Up to 20 products
Up to 20 products
No Annual Contract Change your subscription or service without incurring fees and have contract flexibility.
Managed Hosting Ensure the website runs smoothly and is updated and well-maintained for optimal performance.
SSL Setup & Integration Acquire the latest security protocols to prevent security breaches and sensitive information on the web.
Malware Cleanup Guarantee Remove all types of malware and restore the website to its original state, repairing any corrupted or deleted files.
Firewall Prevent any unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats, and filter traffic for only authorized contents and requests.
Managed WordPress Updates Keep WordPress updated in terms of themes and plugins, and make backups for unexpected issues.
Stock Photos Make use of licensed photos that can be used in blogs, websites, and other marketing materials.
Image Compressions Reduce the file size of the image without compromising the quality, making images load quickly and efficiently.
WooCommerce Reporting Get a detailed overview of the store’s performance, including inventory, campaigns, sales, and financial reports.
24/7 Uptime Monitoring Ensure the website is always available for users and address any issues that may impact the site’s performance.
CDN Setup & Integration Integrate a CDN for faster and more reliable delivery times, improved page and server load speeds, and better website performance.
Priority Support Get fast and reliable assistance with web-related issues and receive resolutions to encountered problems.
Site Performance Monitoring Track and identify performance issues encountered to ensure an overall positive user experience on the site.
Quarterly Consulting Call Evaluate, review, and discuss the progress made for the project as well as the plan for the upcoming quarter.
Forever Fresh Website Keep the website up-to-date in terms of design, themes, plugins, and security.
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Keep your software and plugins updated and use a secure host to prevent hackers and threats from penetrating your website.

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Attract more visitors and increase your conversion rate by letting them stay on your responsive and easy-to-navigate website.

Web Speed Optimization

Provide an impressive user experience and prevent your visitors from leaving your website through a faster loading speed.

Optimum Performance

Improve website functionality to avoid costly rebuild and keep your website on top of search results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the web maintenance process? We’ve got them covered.

How often should a website be maintained?

If you want to communicate with your consumers, sell your brand online, or advertise your business, you need a robust website. Thus, having a functional website through regular checks and maintenance is vital.

It’s a good idea to perform website maintenance if you start experiencing problems with the way a blog or service page is currently set up. Remember that maintaining the security, functionality, and technical compliance of your website requires effort and close attention.

How does website maintenance work?

All websites are in need of maintenance, no matter how updated they are. There are some cases where a portion of the website has issues, such as 404 pages or other errors. That said, these errors are fixed through a site audit, and updates on the progress of the site are communicated to clients.
As for the technical aspect, web designers monitor the website for errors to keep it running smoothly. Generally, the team will do the following:

  • Ensure all pages load without errors;
  • Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is stored;
  • Make updates to the website’s software and plugins; and
  • Check that all of your forms are running properly.

How much does website maintenance cost?

The price of website maintenance services varies depending on the complexity, frequency of updates, and particular duties required. Nonetheless, it’s important to make sure that you’ll pay for routine maintenance that includes security, software upgrades, speed enhancements, and a great user experience.
That being said, don’t hesitate to book a consultation to learn more about the service. You don’t need to look further. We provide specialized maintenance programs at affordable rates. For a custom quote and to go over your website maintenance needs, get in touch with us.

How long does it take to get my changes made after I submit a maintenance request?

Website maintenance takes time, but once you have submitted a request to our team, we will complete the request within 1 to 2 business days, depending on the issue. But for minor issues, it will only take 24 hours to solve the website issues.

What if my website goes down or gets hacked?

In the unlikely event of a website outage or hacking, we have comprehensive measures in place. Our team monitors your website, utilizes backup systems, and employs advanced security protocols to quickly resolve any issues. We are dedicated to providing a reliable service, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring the utmost protection for your online presence.

Optimize Website Performance and Security

Strengthen website security with regular maintenance and technical audits.