Frequently Asked Questions

As a one-stop digital marketing service, we tend to some inquiries from guests. Here, we have piled up a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and our answers to them to satisfy your curiosity.

About BlueFly Studios

BlueFly Studios is a full-suite digital marketing agency with over 30 years of shared working and web skills.
Our business hours are Mondays through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm (PST).
BlueFly Studios is one of the best sources of online marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We bring digital marketing, web design, and WordPress hosting services at reasonable rates.
Check our Careers and LinkedIn pages for the latest job openings and instructions on how to apply.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves promoting your products and services on electronic devices and centers on online channels such as social media, search engines, websites, apps, and emails. Our digital marketers can make your customers find and notice your brand, get leads, and turn them into sales or returning clients.
BlueFly Studios is a branding and digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing or SMM, search engine optimization or SEO, and pay-per-click or PPC advertising services.
Search engine optimization or SEO uses on- and off-site methods to help websites rank high in search engine results pages or SERPs and increase their traffic quality and quantity.
Social media marketing or SMM is an internet marketing service that uses social networks to promote your brand and increase traffic and user interaction.
Pay-per-click or PPC, in simpler terms, is a way of buying web traffic for your website. You’ll pay a fee each time a person clicks on your ad displayed in search engine results or SERPs and in other channels such as Facebook.

Website Design and Development

The cost of our website design varies and depends on the site’s complexity. Inquire now, and we will be happy to discuss the requirements with you and send a quote for your unique needs.

Once we have completed the design, you can maintain the site yourself or have us do it for you. We offer WordPress hosting services that include web maintenance at added fees.
Since you know your business more than us, it’s best that you give us the content. But, if you need help, we have content writers and SEO specialists in our digital marketing team who can write and optimize web pages and blogs at extra costs.
Our customer service and tech support staff is just a call or email away! Our web design and development services also come with a free one-year web hosting. In addition, we offer web maintenance and SSL certification as separate services.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a completely optimized and configured hosting service for WordPress websites. Since WordPress is a lean framework, this service will help you make the most out of it.

Compared to regular web hosting, WordPress hosting lets you revel in these perks.

• Knowledgeable support – You work with a devoted team of experts on the ins and outs of your site and server, making customer support a breeze.

• Optimized performance – You get a fully optimized server environment for your WordPress installation. Hence, it runs more smoothly resulting in a better overall experience for your users.

• Heightened security – You enjoy all the needed specific security configurations with WordPress hosting. Regular web hosting offers only basic security protocols.

Yes, we offer hosting to existing WordPress sites from other providers. But since the protocol for site migration differs from host to host, it’s best to check first with your current host.
Did you find your question on the list? If not, call 1 626 587 8517, so we can give you answers and add them to our list of frequently asked questions.
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